Make your loved ones happy by getting there favorite food delivered.

Thinking what to gift for New year??? We have a brilliant idea you would have never thought off. How about ordering your loved ones favorite food. Nothing can make a soul happy than there biggest food craving right in front of them. This new years make it special and get away with the old school gifting.

It is truly said that nothing can make a soul happy than a plate of Delicious food.

Here are a set of restaurants to order from and wouldn’t burn a hole in your pocket:-

1. Upland Bistro

A very diverse continental menu and you are sure to find all you want to impress your girl just that much better. And some of the best desserts to vouch for.


2. Tempteys MilkShakes

Surely the most mouth-watering milkshakes in the city. What makes it best ? The generosity with which they pick and use their ingredients to give you the best shake experience.


3. Percolator

This beautiful cafe right opposite the RK beach is one of the places where all the young crowd has there eyeball rolling up to. And of course the lip smacking food. You could now get it home delivered.


4. Food Ex

Residing in vizag who doesn’t know about this place. The most famous hangout place . Ancient of all, every individual has some memory to flashback to with this place.

Fruits Baked Goods Food Dessert Plate PastriesSource:maxpixel

5. 4 Seasons

The place is known for its up to the mark food, its quality and quantity. A place worth a try once at least.


Having gone through, we are sure you have decided what would you want to relish on your palette today. You are sure to impress your loved one. Have fun !!!



Breakfast in Bed?? Always dreamt off…Now possible with Orderwala

Getting up in the morning to the buzzing alarm and snoozing it a number of times and the first thing you look to your phone and then the next, “Breakfast”. Imagine your phone give you food. Is that even possible?? Yes, It is. 

Imagine a delicious platter of healthy breakfast on your bed. And this is just a few taps away. A day to start with some yummy breakfast….who wouldn’t want that. And like it’s always said if your day starts good it can never end bad. Mum always said that right??? Why not make her happy too and surprise her with some breakfast ordered before she is up.

Here are is a list you can order from:

1. Mr & Mrs Idly

Very easy on the pocket this is surely the best with cost for two as low as 100/- what else do we need. Order from the array of varieties of south Indian cuisine.


2. Heritage

Its not uncommon to see most of the breakfast plates in vizag with idly & dosa. Considered as one of the most common south Indian dishes. Never has anyone been disappointed by the variants of dosa served here. Savour the same in Heritage.


3. Dakshin

Authentic south indian breakfast menu. One of must try places for breakfast in Vizag.

Medu_VadasSource: wikimedia

4. Rasa(Hotel Vivana)

Little have people heard about this but this place has never let us down. Known              for its best of food quality and packaging to a mark in delivery.



5. Venkatadri Vantillu

Without the mention of this the list will be only half done. The sponge dosa here is to die for and we swear by it. green-chili-chutney-dosasource:pexels


Can’t wait . Hit “Orderwala” to place order.

Download the app now available on


5 best places in Vizag to order biryani from

We have all been through the struggle at least once or once doesn’t just justify this pain. Tired from a hectic day at work and almost drop dead all you think of is fooooood. And it comes with its #BFF question “Where to order from?” And what if it’s BIRYANI everyones favorite.

Here are some suggestion to slide through this pain easily.


Always topping the biryani list. The name just says it all, it takes you right there to the fantasy world of Biryani and kebabs. All you can think of is a pot of steaming hot Biryani. I am already drooling.

oSource: yelpcdn

2. Kamat Restaurant

If you love flavors of Andhra and Hyderabadi cuisine then this places fulfils all of this and comes easy on your pocket and is enough to feed two.

chicken-biryaniSource: mycountryoven

3. Arun’s Paradise

The long list of biryanis to select from will make your mouth water wanting all in your cart. This would definitely take care of your hunger pangs.

mutton-biryaniSource: cooktube

4. Dakshin

Ditch the long queue at restaurants and order from the best when we have it all for you.

rh_92060Source: kamat

5. Little India

And if you still can’t make a decision yet. You will succeed here. Little it is but a long line up of biryanis to choose from.

dealocx-blog-06Source: wordpress


Craving already ?? Get food delivered at your doorstep now from Oderwala